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Local 200.000+ database

Posted by R.H. Remmé on August 10, 2011

The main part of this section is the online database with over 200.000 individuals (and it is still growing). Because it is humanly impossible to personally check and verify all the information, the database does contain errors, mistakes, falsifications etc. Use of any of the data is therefore at your own risk. Comments, corrections, additions etc are much appriciated.
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Pedigree chart

Posted by R.H. Remmé on August 10, 2011
A chinese dragon

Given time, here you will find a graphical (html) presentation of my pedrigree. going way back as far (and beyond) the medieval dark ages. The program I shall be using is a nifty little piece of work called Genealogica Grafica. It is free for download and I suggest you have a look at it.

Wish/to do list

Posted by R.H. Remmé on August 10, 2011

* Some time in the future I hope to have/own a domain of my own again. * Add sources to the database entries. * Contact & share with other enthousiast. * Change the erronous titles and surnames. * and much, much more ........


Random foliage

My paternal grandmother (living in Haarlem) was a 'van Amstel', descendant from that (in)famous Dutch family. Any information concerning her ancestors and relatives is appriciated. sed commodo.

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